There are many benefits of adding mulch to your landscape and gardening areas. Clearly, mulch has the ability to complete the look of a project and adds the finishing touches on your property. Benefits to adding mulch also include:

  • Moisture retention in the soil to keep the roots moist
  • Reducing winter injury to plants by insulating the soil
  • Helping with weed reduction and preventing root competition
  • Protection from erosion
  • Preventing soil compaction

Recycle Depot has been making mulch on site for thirteen years. Green waste (trees, stumps and branches) is accepted at Recycle Depot throughout the year and used for the process. The wood product is ground here twice to create the product sold to our commercial contractors and homeowners.  This process emphasizes Recycle Depot’s commitment to lowering our community’s carbon footprint.

Mulching is one of the most beneficial things a homeowner can do for the health of their prized trees and plants, especially at the initial planting.  We recommend a 2″-4″ layer of mulch around flower, shrub beds and around trees extending well out from the trunk to cover the root zone. It is suggested that you spread the mulch in a diameter of at least 3 feet. 

Presently, we offer our double ground mulch in two colors, BROWN and BLACK. Our red has been discontinued. There is no appointment necessary.  Customers can come in during normal business hours and our friendly staff will load their vehicles. In order to assist you best, we ask that there is a minimum one (1) yard purchase of mulch. For your reference, a cubic yard is 27 cubic feet.  One cubic yard of mulch is equal to 27 one cubic foot bags from the big box garden stores. One cubic yard of mulch is equal to 13.5 two cubic foot bags. Yes, that’s a lot of plastic packaging.

It may seem complicated to calculate the quantity of mulch needed, but it is really simple.  All you need to know is a cubic yard is 3 feet wide by 3 feet high by 3 feet deep.  (27 cubic feet) Measure to determine the size of the area you want to cover in square feet.  To do this, multiply the length by the width of the space.  Next decide how deep you will want your mulch in inches.  Two to four inches deep is suggested. Multiply the square feet of your garden space by the inches of mulch depth, divide that number by 324.  This is the number of cubic yards of mulch you will need.    Clink on the link for an online mulch calculator ---->  

Remember that mulch will decompose over time and you may need to “freshen” up every few years.